Guests can enjoy boating, canoe trips and all types of lake and river activities at Lake n River Resort.


Some of the life's greatest moments are spent with a group - a group of friends,a group of colleagues, corporate or family get together functions. Engage your group with canoeing, boating, a post dinner gathering by the fire pits,buffet food,barbecue at the lake and river confluence.

New Year Packages :

New year eve dinner + Live music on 31st Dec 2018.

Lake N River-New Year Party
Lake N River-Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda

Special Overnight Packages :

Its our full resort package including all our 9 rooms,Welcome Drinks, Buffet Lunch, Tea snacks,Canoeing (Boating),Buffet Dinner with barbecue on the open ground and next day breakfast.

Day Packages :

Day packages including Room, Buffet Lunch,Tea snacks, Canoeing.

Lake N River-National Museum