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About Us

Lake n River Resort is the first resort at Munroe Isand also a resort project by SKB at the lake-river confluence in Munroe Island The resort has 9 rooms for stay, a mini conference hall, a kitchen, a large dining area, an open terrace and a welcome area. Guests can enjoy boating, canoe trips and all types of lake and river activities at Lake n River Resort. Come and live the Munroe Island backwater experience. Highlight thing to do at Munroe Island is the Munroe Island Canoe tours. Experience the night stay at the Ashtamudi Lake side, at the Kallada River side, play on the ground, swim in the river, rest on the hammocks, enjoy reading in the peaceful ambience ,pick your umbrella huts and enjoy the BBQ

Lake N River

Munroe Island Canoe Tours
Boat rides along its criss-crossing canals give visitors glimpses of locals weaving coir and tapping toddy. The octopus-shaped water body and you can see numerous coconut trees, cashew plants, mangrove plants alongside the canal. On the way canoe passes under simple curved footbridges. You can see coir making process, boat making, prawn farms, fishings, migratory bird watch etc. You can enjoy Kerala traditional tea shops on the banks. Sunset Canoeing or the early morning canoeing, the best we can suggest to our guest.

Sikkara Boat tours
Motor boat/ shikara boat tour around Munroe Island through Mangroov areas on real Kerala backwaters where you can see migrating birds, Chinese fishing nets,small islands on the middle of the lake etc. Boating starts from Lake n River - Kallada River side, enters the Astamudi lake and reaches Lake n River. (Ashta-mudi means eight-armed in Malayalam) has several mangrove species (two are endangered), and supports 57 species of migratory and resident birds such as cormorants, terns, herons, and plovers—enough to keep birdwatchers engrossed.

Cycling through village roads
Resort is located at the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River, spread across 1.8 acres of land at Munroe Island, with water bodies surrounding three sides of the Resort like a peninsula. Eastern side of the Resort faces the river and the Southern and Western side's face the lake. Accommodation is designed so as to provide the guests with the relaxing backwater experience of Munroe Island.

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